A Statement Regarding the "Pennhurst Haunted Asylum"

PMPA is completely opposed to the operation of a haunted attraction at Pennhurst that portrays people with disabilities in a demeaning and degrading fashion. Demonizing people with disabilities as a profit-making ‘entertainment’ is (and should be) offensive to everyone. We urge everyone who shares our disgust to speak out against the ‘haunted asylum’ and boycott this travesty.

Please consider signing the petition circulating against the Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction.

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I was extremely disappointed in my experience here. This place has great potential but run very poorly. There were signs to find the attraction but as soon as we parked we were totally lost. The parking lot was in the middle of the woods and there were literally zero signs or staff members present
Steve Angstadt10/16/2018
I'll post this every year. Just remember, if you choose to visit Pennhurst, there are people alive today that were placed in this facility. I know several. The stories are true becasue you can see it on their bodies and in the way they behave , think and feel.
I work with individuals with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities. Some were residents at Pennhurst and other similar institutions. I am absolutely outraged that they are profitting from other peoples trauma. These victims are still alive and have residual effects from the abuse endured.
Caroline Lambert10/04/2018
I understand shutting down a business is not something to consider but what about changing it. Making a day time walk-through to learn about the disgraceful events that went on could be something to consider. Educate people why there are laws created because of Pennhurst. It could be respectful.
A lot of the patients were children or had the minds of children. Making a mockery of these poor people and their sufferings is really horrendous. Have some respect. Suffer the Little Children, a heartbreaking news story. Watch and then ask do you think if a haunted house is still appropriate?
Ron Koenig08/22/2018
Preservation of historic sites such as Penhurst should be paramount over cheap thrills. Ultimately, it will receive protection as a historical landmark while the haunt will be a quickly forgotten footnote in the sites long and impressive history.
Mark Northrup04/12/2018
Recently made a visit to Pennhurst, the second the tour guide saw me and my friend they were on the phone with the police. As an energy woker i visit these places to help clear them out and i have to say the energy there is pissed at these people for doing this to their resting place it's palpable.
Timothy Britton10/20/2017
Seriously? A petition against using it as a Haunted Attraction? If this place had not become such a horrid example of how human beings with psychological should NOT be treated, there would be no mystique. Give me a freakin break.
Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous. People are so sensitive nowadays and I'm tired of the 'political correctness.' All you people are such snowflakes.
Teri U10/09/2017
Pennhurst needs to be preserved as a historic landmark. The haunted attraction associated with this site needs to be discontinued as it's disrespectful not only to the families and patients who suffered there but also to all people with disabilities.
Bill W10/05/2017
It would be fine if it was killer clowns vampires werewolfs things of that sort but when I went I was kinda pissed to see actor's in hospital gowns mimicking severe Autism not cool. I thought people were just over reacting because of the place but no its a complete mirror of what whent on
Lover of Haunts09/20/2017
I visited Pennhurst way before the Haunt when it was empty, neglected and overgrown. It was frightening like I cannot even describe. I have also been to the Haunt. It's over-the-top carnival atmosphere completely misses the whole vibe the made Pennhurst so scary to me. Lame.
all u guys are like oh its offending the history of pennhurst ! like this guy bought it and ALL haunted houses probaly had and aslyum themed room.
Eric Joseph Pride09/08/2017
It may be too late this year, but would it be possible to organize a protest? I have at least 50 people who would be willing to support this project. If something like this has not been organized, I would be more than happy to help.
I agree the attraction is a mockery of the ones who suffered. They use the suffering that happened to make more money. Allow photo tours of the property. Preserve the architecture and truth behind it. This piece a gigantic impact on how the disabled are treated today. Let it stand as a reminder.

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