Suffer The Little Children

The ground-breaking 1968 NBC10 Expose on Pennhurst State School by Bill Baldini:

© NBC10 Philadelphia

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It's very sad to me that the horror that these poor individuals faced is a haunted attraction. It's very sad. It should have closed down a long time ago. My heart goes out to those who know loved ones affected by this place. God bless those who love people and work in the mental health field.
Jo Smith07/04/2016
I work with children. And adults with MH/IDD. As a society we are still allowing this kind of behavior in a sense. We continue to allow our citizens to have to spend years on a waiting list for services. We just changed locations and the awful conditions. They are now just home.
sorry for not saying this in my last post because i was more concerned about what someone else said id like to put out there that I agree Penn Hurst should not be used for attraction my brothers and sisters deserve to rest in peace if they are dead and if they are alive i will think about you/pray!
uh Genesii id hate to break this to you but your already contradicted by Jesus himself by what you said because John 93 will tell you differently about what you said about why people like me are disabled and no its not because of sin !
Gina kern 04/26/2016
It was started with good intentions but overcrowding and lack of funding turned it into what it was at the end. Also, back then there was no support for anyone who had an intellectual or developmental disability. Parents didn't know what to do and most likely felt it was their only choice.
Karen Crowley03/04/2016
My great aunt died here at 22 years old. The death certificate says nothing as to why or how, only that the duration lasted four days! I did see two codes? They read 24e and 84a. Don't know what that means. Anybody?
Karen Crowley03/04/2016
My great aunt died here at age 21 in 1945. From the way my 85 year old father described her, it sounds like she had cerebral palsy. Horrible!
It's unbelievable that anyone could be so heartless to treat innocent, vulnerable people this way.
Sylvia Garza01/16/2016
The first people who failed these children were their parents and then those who had all control over them in that hell hole. How money-hungry the current owners must be to want to turn hell into an entertainment venture. Burn the place down.
Don't agree with a haunted Halloween attraction,to visit and explore for historical events I agree with,sometimes people forget how much the world has evolved.People who believe that this place should be demolished because oh what happened should we demolish all historical sites that people died in?
Mary Sibley09/28/2015
This series broke my heart. The doctor who gave the injection to the young man to teach him a lesson should have been arrested and prosecuted! Young Johnny did NOT belong in Pennhurst and was punished because staff couldn't handle him. This place was never should have been allowed to happen.
Barbara Goff09/27/2015
Sadly, the Nazi's learned about sterilization from the US practice of sterilization of individuals in our state institutions...not the other way around. What a horrific legacy!
I just watched the history of pen hurst asylum and I just want to say thank you Bill for exposing those who neglected those poor children! You truly are a saint
Worked in LE, have been around many with developmental disabilities. The treatment of these patients was deplorable just like the asylum in Ohio which is shown in a film called titicut follies. Those of you who work with those from Pennhurst are to be commended for the work you all do.
Chris P.02/28/2015
This started before and more importantly continued after WW2. I cannot comprehend how Our Country let this happen while the United States Armed Forces Fought and Died in Europe. Hitler's 1st goal was to segregate the feeble minded from the true Arian race. It took another 42 yrs. to close??

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