Pennhurst Museum on Site

Pennhurst LLC, in collaboration with PMPA, maintains one of only three physical museums of disability history in the United States that is still open to the public:  The Pennhurst Museum. The Pennhurst Museum, housed in the Mayflower Building – a dormitory on the grounds of the former Pennhurst State School & Hospital – serves as a grass-roots museum commemorating the legacy of this historic institution for people with disabilities. The Pennhurst Museum houses the most substantial collection of artifacts relating to Pennhurst. The Pennhurst Museum also holds on permanent loan, PMPA’s traveling Pennhurst exhibit explaining the tragedies and triumphs of Pennhurst.

If you are in possession of Pennhurst artifacts and would like to donate them to the museum, please contact us. No questions asked .

Click the image for a Virtual Reality tour of the Pennhurst Museum’s early days in 2020. Use your mouse to navigate, turn corners, enter rooms, and see links.

History Tours

History Tours are now available on Pennhurst's historic lower campus (photography welcome)! History Tours include the museum and are guided by Pennhurst Professional Historians. The proceeds of the tours directly benefit the maintenence of the Pennhurst Museum.

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